Legal and IP

Course Description The rule of law provides a framework for how to act and operate. It holds people, businesses, and governments accountable for their actions. For the entrepreneur, the law provides the rules of the game. However, for many business owners, the legal framework is viewed as an onerous and costly expense. It is often […]


Course Description Are entrepreneurs born or made? The age old question. The reality is knowledge is power. And knowing that we don’t know everything gives us a competitive edge. So before we think we have to be born as entrepreneurs, how about we understand first what we should know that we don’t about ourselves as […]

Funding and Valuation

Course Description Most entrepreneurs have an overrated valuation for their business. Many have not given their exit strategy much thought until they have to exit the business. Most companies will need some form of funding at some time to grow the business to the next level. Valuing and funding your business is critical for the […]


Course Description The obsession with disruptive and innovative technology is driving many entrepreneurs to develop ideas and solutions using technology. Whether you are creating an innovative industrial-scale vegetable dryer or sophisticated software, the process to take your technology to market is the key to a sustainable business. Beyond the genius idea, you need to make […]

Finance and Accounting

Course Description As the proverbial saying goes, it takes money to make money. Finance is the lifeblood of the business; without it, things wouldn’t run smoothly. It is the source to run any organisation, it provides the money, it acquires the money. The prudent management of the organisation’s finances is essential to the long-term growth […]


Course Description Operations Management describes the processes to plan, control and supervise production processes and service delivery. It is the centre of the organisation, the catalyst, the glue that keeps the whole business running like a well-oiled clock. As the business grows, its leadership team will have to introduce formal processes to keep it effective […]


Course Description Nothing happens until someone sells something! A sales strategy is something the business does to sell its goods or services to its target market. Building the proper sales system will allow you to achieve your sales goals. The sales funnel is a term often used by marketing and salespeople to describe how targeted […]


Course Description Marketing is a wide-ranging term that involves many activities. It includes promotions, public relations, and advertising. The business owner’s ability to market its products and services effectively will greatly influence its success. The business could have a great product and excellent customer service, but if people don’t know about your business, you are […]


Course Description Far too many entrepreneurs are focused on the product, without considering all the other factors around building a sustainable business. A clear-cut problem and your solution to that problem should drive your product development. This implies that you need some insight into the people that will be buying your product from you. The […]


Course Description Even small businesses need to employ people at some time. Entrepreneurial companies are the main driver to reduce unemployment in countries across the globe. Managing people is probably the biggest challenge any business owner will face in their entrepreneurial journey. Make sure you have insights on how to become a leader of people. […]

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