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One thing that is essential to the success of your business? Sales. If you can’t sell your product, nothing else matters. Finding what works to generate sales at your company is key to your success.

A sales strategy is something the business does to sell its goods or services to its target market.

Course Description

While marketing is the long-term tool used to generate leads, sales are all about converting those leads to customers. Note that a Go-to-Market plan is a subset of marketing. Your business model will determine whether you sell to the end-user (B2C) or to another business (B2B), and these require two very different approaches. The B2B sales model is usually viewed as the tough one to crack because it usually is a small business (you), selling to a large corporate company.

This is where the myth of the salesperson is born. There are plenty of movies and books espousing the mythical power of the “born” salesperson. However, the sales function should be approached as any other function in the business, in a structured and disciplined manner.

Sales are the lifeblood of the business, and everything should be geared to providing the sales team with the best quality product at the best price, and the support of the entire team. The sales admin must help the sales team to sell the product and make sure it is delivered as promised, with excellent after-sales service. Understand what the customer’s needs are before the first call is made to set up the sales meeting.

It is all about them, not you!

This course includes:

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