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Identifying a problem has launched many an entrepreneur, who find a solution to that problem that can generate revenues. The path to profits is, however, littered with products that did not appeal to the market. The product simply did not fit the need. Conduct proper product-market fit research before launching.

There are distinct steps to take to define your target market:

Consider and research your current customer base

  • Conduct a competitor analysis
  • Analyse your product/service against these findings
  • Choose specific demographics to target
  • Consider the psychographics of your target
  • Develop and refine your target market
  • Compile a customer persona
  • Test and evaluate your decision

Once we have researched the product-market fit, we must take it to market. The aim should be to get a dominant market share, especially for technology-based innovations.

Course Description

Many entrepreneurs tend to focus solely on their product without considering other important factors that contribute to building a sustainable business. To ensure that your product development is driven by a clear-cut problem and solution, you need to have some insight into the people who will be buying your product. This is where the concept of product-market fit comes in. It is the degree to which a product satisfies strong market demand and is the first step towards building a successful organization.

It means being in a strong market with a product that can satisfy that market. To achieve this, the company needs to conduct thorough research on the target market to ensure that there are enough potential customers who will buy the product. By launching products that solve real problems while generating profits for the business, you can ensure that your organization is on the path to success.

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