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Employees are a critical component of any business. Managing your people will be your most challenging yet rewarding task as a leader. Their performance, commitment and loyalty to the organisation are vital and can be achieved through successful HR management.

The business owner’s broad responsibilities as the leader of people are as follows:


  • Complying with the relevant labour laws
  • Effective recruitment and selection to attract and retain the best talent
  • Administering the payroll and other administrative requirements
  • Training and developing your people
  • Motivating your people and developing the company culture


Course Description

Even small businesses need to employ people at some time. Entrepreneurial companies are the main driver to reduce unemployment in countries across the globe. Managing people is probably the biggest challenge any business owner will face in their entrepreneurial journey. Make sure you have insights on how to become a leader of people.

Human Resource Management for small businesses is about complying with applicable labour laws, developing recruitment and selection processes, and developing your people as future leaders. It encompasses the planning and utilising the people resources of a company to achieve maximum work output to attain the goals and vision of the organisation. People management is thus the process of training, motivating and directing employees to optimise workplace productivity and promote their professional growth.

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This course includes:

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