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Operations Management is the successful process of transforming inputs such as labour, capital, equipment, land, buildings, materials, and information into goods and services that add value to the customer.

The benefits of effective operations management include:

  • Productivity – the ratio of input to output.
  • Quality Control – every product, every time.
  • Operating Costs – reduced operating costs.
  • Customer Satisfaction – every product, every time.


Operations Management is applied to both physical product manufacturing and to intangible services delivered to the customer.

Course Description

Operations management describes the processes of planning, controlling, and supervising production processes and service delivery. It is the organisation’s centre, the catalyst, the glue that keeps the whole business running like a well-oiled clock. As the business grows, its leadership team must introduce formal processes to keep it effective and efficient. The operations must be streamlined, executed professionally and monitored to maintain quality and productivity standards.

The Operations Manager is responsible for developing processes and ensuring they are followed, analysed, and adjusted where necessary. The Operations function is also responsible for ensuring all the other departments and cogs in the organisation work together to achieve their individual and the whole organisation’s goals. They need to allocate human resources to production to achieve the productivity goals of the business.

Clear and concise operations management is needed for the organisation to grow efficiently and contribute effectively to the business’s profits.

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This course includes:

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