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If you are trying to raise capital for your company, it is crucial to determine the company’s worth. Build your business into a valuable asset so that you can exit at a higher value to an investor.

There are three main valuation methods:

  • Comparable company analysis
  • Precedent transactions analysis
  • Discounted Cash Flow (DCF)


As a business owner, you need to know enough about how to value and fund your business to enable it to grow and eventually exit at a higher value.

Course Description

Most entrepreneurs have an overrated valuation for their business. Many have not given their exit strategy much thought until they have to exit the business. Most companies will need some form of funding at some time to grow the business to the next level. Valuing and funding your business is critical for the business owner to master to exit the company at some point eventually.

You should figure out your exit strategy from inception to know where you are going and what you expect from the exit. This is known as your ROI (Return on Investment).

Quite simply, valuation is the process of quantifying the worth of a company. Your company’s value is essential when seeking funding or an equity investor. All funding should be to grow the company. The funder, whether debt or equity funders, will seek some form of return on their investment. That can only be achieved by growing the business using their funds. It all starts with the value of your business.

Business valuation is never simple.  There are several methods to value the company, and most entrepreneurs are not well-versed in this highly critical process. Assigning a valuation is particularly tricky for early-stage businesses with little or no revenue or profits.

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This course includes:

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