Thinkubate Entrepreneur Course

Before we think we have to be born as entrepreneurs, how about we understand first what we should know that we don’t about ourselves as entrepreneurs, and then make a decision?

Key concepts covered include:

  1. Understanding your entrepreneurial DNA
  2. Understanding what makes you tick or ticked off
  3. Understanding how you, as the leader of the business or as a key member of the business, impact others
  4. Understanding why the jockey is as important as the horse

Course Description

Are entrepreneurs born or made? The age-old question.

The reality is knowledge is power. And knowing that we don’t know everything gives us a competitive edge. So before we think we have to be born entrepreneurs, how about we first understand what we should know that we don’t know about ourselves as entrepreneurs and then make a decision?

Use the outcomes of the assessments you would have done as key inputs in understanding this section of your learning.

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This course includes:

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